A Teacher, By Heart

If Lovely Boiser could turn back time, she would pursue teaching for a number of meaningful reasons.

A Teacher By Heart

If by any chance I am asked to turn back time and choose the best profession I would pursue (well, aside from being a full time mom now, a wife and a homemaker), one of the top choices would be teaching.  How many preschool pupils do we hear say, “When I grow up, I want to be a teacher?” I guess 7 out of 10 will possibly end up in this profession.

I remember growing up having three aunt-teachers from third to sixth grade: Teacher Jane, Teacher Fate and Teacher Emy. Back in grade school, I wanted to become like one. I recall how highly I looked up to them. They treated me like an ordinary student just like the others and not as a niece. And it was fair. I highly respect and understand them.

Traditionally, teachers are natural born info-dispensers. I admire their endless and long stretch of patience in child care. I cannot imagine what it is like when kids are left in their supervision for eight hours a day, five times a week at school. How hard that must be! It’s really a good test of patience for them. I appreciate how strategic they are in preparing their lessons each night, in making complicated lessons simple for the students. Two thumbs up for their endless enthusiasm, energy and lifelong commitment to teaching and imparting values to kids.

All throughout my life, I have been taught by a number of teachers. For me, there is no good or bad teacher. There is always a Great Teacher, though.  He teaches not only with the mind but also from the heart.  He smiles at his students and inculcates values in a Christian way of living. He also encourages them to create dreams and achieve goals. He unconditionally motivates the pupils to nurture their interests, talents and capabilities. He is someone the children can easily share their joy and sentiments with.

What do teachers do?

They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it. ~ Nicholas Sparks

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