Christmas Carnival

Christmas Carnival 2012 Winners

The Christmas Carnival 2012 writing contest was launched on November 15, 2012 to inspire readers about the idea of teaching in any form. Eight contestants submitted their story and the winners are the following:

The Most Awesome Entry (First Prize)

  • Lessons from a Child by Jennyfer Tan – It’s a story about a homeschooling mother who didn’t expect his son, diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (AS), to outsmart her wit and mathematical capability. As she was in the process of accepting the reality, she learned to view things from different perspectives.

Other Outstanding Entries (Runners-Up)

  • The Heart of a Teacher by Charmaine Endaya-Cuartero – It’s a story that illustrates the daily struggles of most teachers. When she almost ran out of patience, the entire class hugged her to show how much they care. That was when she realized she was working at school for a reason.
  • Of Threads and Teaching by Geek – The story revolves around the patience, guidance and sacrifice of a mother. Geek’s first teacher had to leave the country and sew clothes for strangers to sustain the needs of the family.
  • My Three Greatest Teachers of Life by Shirgie Fulgencio – This entry is about learning by facing the challenge and pondering about experience. For Shirgie, extreme activities such as zorb, waterball and zipline have their own way of teaching risk-takers valuable lessons.

Php 3,000 will be awarded to the first prize winner, and each runner up will receive Php 1,000.

The Learning Site would also like to thank the other participants for submitting the following must-read stories:

The Learning Site would also like to extend their gratitude to Lorenzo Ninal and Kyjean Tomboc for judging the contest.

Happy Christmas, everyone!