football for preschoolers

Football for Preschoolers

Football, according to various sports’ polls, remains to be the most popular sport in America. No wonder why people queue up at ticket centers for Bears tickets, flock to stadiums or glue their eyes on TV when there’s a live coverage of a football game.This popularity makes the idea of bringing football into the preschool classroom a very interesting one. Children get excited as they mimic strong players kicking or passing the ball or the spectators rooting for the home team. They also get to improve their motor skills and foster teamwork as they play the game.

football for preschoolers

However, as common sense suggests, we have to customize the game according to the students capabilities and developmental needs. If you don’t have enough resources, you can create your own football and net as part of your art class. Here are three examples of simple games that you might want to incorporate in your class.

A. Shoot the Football

Position the net at one end and let the kids line up at the other end, holding their own ball. Have a player run towards the net and let him shoot the ball. The other kids can get too excited to have their turn so make a line and remind them not to go beyond it. You can also ask them to cheer their classmate, as if they’re supporting NFL Chicago bears.

B. Fastest Football Team

Divide the class into groups of five. Ask them to form a line by group at one end, place a huge net at the other end and put a basket of ten footballs in front of each line. Once you blow the whistle, each member takes turns in taking one football, running towards the net and shooting the ball. The team who can finish shooting all the balls the fastest is the winner.

C. Treasure Football

Choose one kid to be the treasure master. Ask the rest of the class to close their eyes and count from one to ten while the treasure master hides the ball somewhere. They then try to look for the ball. The student who can find it will be the next treasure master. shares a lot of soccer coaching tips for children of all ages. Go and visit their website and get ideas from their contributors.


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