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The Prodding Child goes to a magical land inside a closet

One night The Prodding Child was sleeping over at a friend’s house and in the middle of the night they were woken up by some strange noise. Both getting up, they found that their beloved Teddy bear was being dragged into the closet by something. As the bear vanished behind the closet door, the closet was left half closed with some light coming out from the inside, so they both went inside to inspect what was really going on…

findingteddy1Can i help you find your teddy?

findingteddy2After we play hide and seek, can you tell us where my friend’s teddy bear was taken?

findingteddy3What do you think those frogs are thinking about as they stare at us?

The Additional Characters and background art in this post is from the game, Finding Teddy.