Crowdfunding and the Future of The Learning Site

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while and we are still here! And we also would like to let you know that we are still committed to this website and although we do have not updated this site for awhile, we keep thinking about it and how we can update and improve it.

We created this online resource in 2011 to help foster learning and promote fun in the classroom. As The Learning Site turns 8 this year, we are not happy that there has been no new content on this website for a long time. Our priorities,

The Prodding Child went christmas caroling

The Prodding Child went out one starry night to go christmas carolling with some kids in Cebu City. The children sang different songs from house to house and from building to building, they even sang to street vendors who happily sang with them some traditional cebuano christmas songs ,some standard christmas songs like 'Jingle Bells' and their new cebuano christmas song 'Pasko Napod'

Do you always make your own musical instrument when you go Christmas Carolling?
Some people did not want

The Prodding Child in Yore

One day, the prodding child was playing the video game The Legends of Yore. After a few hours of playing when his game character ingested a mysterious  glass of cold milk tea he was mysteriously placed into the game. He did not know what to do so he asked his game character if he could adventure with him. The game character, which was a Warrior class hero, agreed! and so their adventure started.
Don't adventurers know that Slimes like you are gentle creatures?

Does your pet chicken also