About Us

Hi, thank you for visiting The Learning Site.

About Us

The Learning Site provides free instructional materials for kindergarten and ESL (English as Second Language) teachers. We created this online resource to help foster learning and promote fun in the classroom.

Our Journey

We are Dan and Kikit Guillano, the couple who maintain this website. This idea came to life in October 2011 when we were looking for an avenue for collaboration. Since Dan is an artist and Kikit used to be a preschool and ESL teacher, we’ve decided to support teachers through original flashcards and worksheets as well as recommended songs and stories. So far we have produced over 500 free, original instructional materials.

How to Use Our Materials

Please feel free to use our materials in your classes. You can print or photocopy them for your students. However, please do not modify and/or redistribute them on other platforms.

Should you want to contact us, please feel free to send us a message here. Happy teaching!