Christmas Postcards


Are you looking for a cost-friendly activity for your students to exchange Christmas wishes or send their holiday greetings to their loved ones? If yes, you may use these printable Christmas postcards in your class.

Christmas Postcard

Christmas Postcard Front Layout 1 PDF Version

christmas postcard

Christmas Postcard Front Layout 2 PDF Version

Postcard back

 Christmas Postcard Back Layout 1 PDF Version

Postcard back

Christmas Postcard Back Layout 2 PDF Version

This activity is apparently recommended for students who can write basic sentences. Otherwise, you have to help them express their thoughts in written words.

It’s also suggested that you download the PDF file of these Christmas postcards for a more economical printing result. If you prefer the JPG format, right click on the images and choose “Save as.” Use a glossy cardboard to add a striking effect.

Happy holidays!