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The Prodding Child and the whistling tadpole

One beautiful day the prodding child went out for a walk to visit a friend named Ducky.  As the child was happily skipping along towards Ducky's house, the child heard a curious tune, followed it into a pond and found that a tadpole was the one whistling the tune. Without hesitation, the child went towards the tadpole and asked "Do you whistle that song to attract insects?"  

The Prodding Child joins the Tuna Festival street dancing

General Santos City is famous for two things, it is where the world famous boxer Manny Paciao lives, and it also has bountiful sea food and tuna. Every year this city celebrates its blessings through the tuna festival. Are all colourful corals poisonous? How can that big flower over there survive underwater? Are you going to race with the motorcycles? Are you waiting for the fishes to come?