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The Prodding Child went christmas caroling

The Prodding Child went out one starry night to go christmas carolling with some kids in Cebu City. The children sang different songs from house to house and from building to building, they even sang to street vendors who happily sang with them some traditional cebuano christmas songs ,some standard christmas songs like ‘Jingle Bells’ and their new cebuano christmas song ‘Pasko Napod’

theproddingchild and the carolers

Do you always make your own musical instrument when you go Christmas Carolling?

Some people did not want to give the children anything and just told them to ‘come back on Christmas Day’ but as they went from street to street singing songs and bringing cheer, people gave them candies, food and coins which made their pockets really heavy.

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The Prodding Child in Yore

One day, the prodding child was playing the video game The Legends of Yore. After a few hours of playing when his game character ingested a mysterious  glass of cold milk tea he was mysteriously placed into the game. He did not know what to do so he asked his game character if he could adventure with him. The game character, which was a Warrior class hero, agreed! and so their adventure started.

tpc-legendsofyore3Don’t adventurers know that Slimes like you are gentle creatures?


Does your pet chicken also eat chicken?


Would you like to start a new life and be a hero like us?


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The Prodding Child and the Tree God

This happened in another universe, where there is another version of the Earth. The prodding child was there and was on the hand of the Tree God. It was night time and Orion’s belt is visible from a distance. The Tree God hand one hand holding the child and on the other hand burst forth leaves from its fingers forming a small tree. The Tree God took prodding child around the earth on a floating piece of land and showcased the beauty of its creation. The child asked the God a question.

theproddingchild and the tree god

“If you created the trees, who created the stars?”

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The Prodding Child and the empty house

One night the child went out for a walk to the mountains, when he came to an open field, there was a house that was made from an empty turtle shell, he called out from afar but there was no answer, so the child came over and knocked on the shell.

theproddingchild and the turtleshell

Anybody home?

If you want to know more about the house, visit the visayan language site: