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Sports Flashcards

Free Flashcards – Sports

You will never know who among your students are interested in becoming an athlete if you won't introduce various types of sports. So why don't you use our free sport flashcards and satisfy your curiosity? Included in this set are the following: badminton, baseball, basketball, bowling, dodgeball, golf, hockey, soccer, table tennis, tennis, volleyball and waterpolo. Click the screenshot above for the download link.
Verbs Flashcards

Free Flashcards – Verbs

More often than not, you need some action in your preschool classroom, and that's why we prepared a set of free verb flashcards for you. Print them and start singing, dancing, eating and reading with your students. This set includes the following: dance, drink, eat, fly, read, run, sing, sit, stand, swim, walk, write. Click the screenshot above for the download link.
Admission Essay

How to Write Admission Essays

“How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” - E.M. Forster In order for college admission officers to assess aspiring college students, they require an essay that indicates your thought processes, communication skills and personality. So if you plan to enroll in Early Childhood Education or any other course next semester, remember these guidelines that make admission essays stand out: Tell a Story Make your essay more interesting by sharing your experience on how you overcame