Coconut Soap


Frank Leto is one of the greatest singer-songwriters of children’s songs. With his profession on early childhood education and passion for music, he has offered award-winning songs that were conceptualized based on the needs and capabilities of a child. Most of his songs are simple, exciting and sung in a response manner. The teachers prefer to play them in the classroom because students are interested to sing the entire song – from the first to the last word. Further, it’s not difficult to complement the songs with finger plays and other body gestures.

Here’s an animated video of the Coconut Soap, a song ideal for lessons on parts of the body and personal hygiene. Don’t forget to check out his site for his other products and services.

Song lyrics:

Wash my hands, wash my elbows
Wash my arms with cocounut soap
Wash my face, wash my neck
Wash my shoulders with coconut soap

Wash my hair with shampoo
Wash my teeth with toothpaste
When I wash the rest of my body
I always wash with coconut soap

Wash my back, wash my tummy
Wash my chest with coconut soap
Wash my feet, wash my knees
Wash my legs with coconut soap
(Repeat Chorus)

Hands, elbows, arms, rabadub-dub
Face, neck, shoulders, rabadub-dub
Back, tummies, chest, rabadub-dub
Feet, knees, legs, rabadub-dub
(Repeat Chorus)

I always wash with coconut soap


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