Goodbye Song

Goodbye Song

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Singing the Goodbye Song by Dream English is a terrific way of ending your class. Except for the chorus, it was written in a way that students can repeat each line after the vocalist. It suggests movements too, making the students leave the room with overflowing energy. It’s ideal for young learners, ESL students and those who hate memorizing lyrics of the song.

The video below shows how to move your body while singing the song. You can download the MP3 file on Itunes or at their website.

Song lyrics:

Clap your hands, spin around
Jump off high, okay!
Clap your hands, sit down
Stand up, 1, 2, 3

Goodbye, goodbye, see you again
Goodbye, goodbye, see you my friends
Goodbye, goodbye, I had fun today
I had fun today.

Stomp your feet, shake your body
Stand still, okay!
Stomp your feet, turn left
Turn right, 1, 2, 3

(Repeat chorus)

I had fun today, I had fun today
I had fun today, Goodbye


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