Riding with Santa Claus


Most, if not all, of us believe that Santa Claus goes around the world with his reindeer-pulled sleigh and goes down the chimney to put the gift under the Christmas tree or in the hung stocking. The thought of his elves wrapping gifts at the freezing North Pole gives us a magical and exciting feeling.

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This leads us to the question, “Isn’t this concept a bit unfair for kids who grow up in tropical countries? How about those who live in the southern hemisphere? They spend their December days camping, swimming and doing fun activities under the sun because it’s summer season in their country. How can dear Santa use a sleigh all the time? 

Given our thoughts above, we came up with this book that deviates from the common notion of Santa Claus always riding in a sleigh to deliver presents. Whichever is practical, he may take the airplane or use a parachute to expedite his trip. He may have to walk to get to far-flung, inaccessible communities. He may need to paddle a canoe to reach children living on islands.

To make the book more exciting, we added the character of the prodding child, the curious diaper-wearing child who asks any questions that tap the reader’s creativity and imagination. Together Santa Claus and the child take any means of transportation for their special Christmas deliveries.

Who this book is for

This book is specifically created for kids ages 4 and above, but adults will find the questions and illustrations attractive as well.

How to use this book

Teachers can integrate this book in the following areas:

  • Vocabulary: Introduce different types of vehicles. This book includes colorful illustrations of the following: sleigh, bicycle, airplane, canoe, camel, horse, train, parachute, submarine, bus and jeepney (a public means of transportation in the Philippines).
  • Science: Explain that it’s not winter season in other parts of the world in December. You can have a lesson on the position of the Earth as it revolves around the sun.
  • Art: The package includes coloring book that the kids can color or paint during art class. Of course, they can also do this at home! Please see details below.
  • Language: Initiate a brainstorming session about any of the elements in the story. You can start by encouraging the kids to answer the questions of the prodding child.

Where to read the story

We have uploaded the book on Issuu to make it more accessible to everyone. Please feel free to share the link to your social media networks.

We also recommend that you (especially teachers and parents) get our Riding with Santa Claus package. This set includes the following:

A. Story in PDF file 

  • Size: A4 (but you need to connect some pages with tape accordingly)
  • Resolution: 300 DPI
  • Viewing instructions: If you want to read the book on a computer, set Adobe Reader to “Two-Up” page display. Click View > Page Display > Enable Two-Up. Also, enable “Show Cover Page During Two-Up” following the same menu path.
  • Printing instructions: You need to use two A4-sized sheets of paper for printing each illustration, and some tape to connect the pages at the back.

B. Coloring book format of the story

  • Please see specifications above.

C. Colored and outline clip art and flashcards of Santa Claus using different types of transportation

Clip Art Flashcards
Image format PNG JPG
Resolution 300 DPI 150 DPI
Background Transparent White


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