The lesson on shapes is the first geometry class a person appreciates during his/her childhood. Surprisingly, memorizing these figures seems to be more essential than solving equations that involve the π (3.14159265) constant.

When shapes are taught, teachers usually relate them to the things around us. It’s the best way to make the pupils understand the importance of the concept better. That makes Kiboomu’s video or song below recommended in the classroom. Though it’s a bit fast and long to follow and memorize, students will definitely get thrilled identifying the shapes of different objects.

After watching the video, don’t forget to visit Kiboomu’s site for additional resources.

Song Lyrics:

There are many kinds of shapes, I see them everywhere
I love circles and rectangles, triangles and squares


When I go walking I see circles everywhere I go
A circle is round like a steering wheel
It’s shaped just like an “O”
Like the big bright sun and a cinnamon bun
And the wheels on a bicycle round and round they go
Like a big balloon, like the big full moon
How many kinds of circles do you know?


I see squares when we go to town, they’re everywhere you turn
They have four sides of the very same length
Let’s see what we can learn
Like a pizza box and my toy blocks
Equal sides of 1,2,3,and 4
Like a picture frame or a windowpane
A square is just a shape that I adore


Here and there I find triangles, look around and see
And a triangle has three sides
One and two and three
Like a pizza slice a piece of pie is nice
How about a great big ice cream cone?
Like a volcano or the sail on my boat
Or a steeple, or the shape of the roof that’s on my home


I share my house with a lot of rectangles
Let’s just take a look with two sides long and two sides short
They’re shaped just like a book
Like my front door and the rug on my floor
Like a fridge, like a brick, like a bed, like a stereo
Like a Kleenex box and my grandfather clock
I see rectangles everywhere I go!

There are many kinds of shapes, I see them everywhere
I love circles and rectangles, triangles and squares.