Twelve Days of Christmas


The classic song, Twelve Days of Christmas, isn’t as confusing as it sounds. In fact, teaching it to kindergarteners and first graders means covering the topic on numbers, enriching their vocabulary and boosting their memory. Further, the development of the song coincides with the right way each person should learn: start from simplest to the most complicated.

For your students to master it, here are four tips that will help you go through the process.

Be Familiar with the Lyrics

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree.
2nd day – Two turtle doves
3rd day – Three French hens
4th day – Four calling birds
5th day – Five golden rings
6th day – Six geese a-laying
7th day – Seven swans a-swimming
8th day – Eight maids a-milking
9th day – Nine ladies dancing
10th day – Ten lords a-leaping
11th day – Eleven pipers piping
12th day – Twelve drummers drumming

Have Ample Teaching Time

Introduce the song at least fifteen school days before Christmas break. This will give the class enough number of days to practice and be familiarized with the lyrics. At first, let them listen to the entire song and explain what the message is all about so they would see the relevance and feel the excitement of singing it.

Teach the Song Gradually

Expecting them to be able to excellently sing right away will only result to disappointment. To lessen the pressure, let them remember the first gift on the first day. On the second day, review the first gift and introduce the second gift. On the third day, review the first and second gifts and throw in the third gift. Do the same process until you reach the twelfth grand present. For younger students, teaching Twelve Days of Christmas five minutes per day within three weeks is better than allotting one hour at one time for it.

Use Instructional Materials

Prepare a picture for each gift. You can readily download them from the Internet or show off your artistic skills. This won’t only help you explain the gifts in an easier way. Students will also look forward to a new visual aid every day. They will also serve as the guide in remembering the song. If you can secure a projector and show the Youtube video above on the last day, it may bring more fun in the classroom.

If you think the tips above are effective, why don’t you let us know? Happy Christmas, everyone! 🙂