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Free Flashcards – Months

Months Flashcard

For the month flashcards, we associated each month with a North American celebration or a common event for the kids to easily grasp the concepts of passing time and month cycle.

Months Flashcard

This set includes the following:

  • January for New Year’s Day
  • February for Valentine’s Day
  • March for St Patrick’s Day
  • April for April Fool’s Day
  • May for the blooming flowers in springtime
  • June for Graduation Day
  • July for Independence Day
  • August for summer camps
  • September for going back to school
  • October for Halloween
  • November for the autumn leaves
  • December for Christmas Day

We are planning to create more sets of month flashcards for teachers in other countries. Stay tuned!

Click the image above and download the set for free.