summer activities

Outdoor and Indoor Summer Activities for Kids

Summer activities are certainly a heavy favorite among children, may it be the outdoors or indoors. Kids are easily bored and are always in the lookout for something new to do. Below is a list of outdoor and indoor summer activities for kids, fun under the sun (and roofs, too) guaranteed!

summer activities

Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

  • Encourage kids to create and maintain a small garden. Apart from getting them engaged in nature and science, their sense of responsibility is also developed. It would be fun for both parents and children to do gardening together and work on growing fruit trees, herbs and bushes.
  • Games such as hopscotch, hula hoops, bubbles and sprinklers spell fun for children particularly during the summer. Allow kids to exercise their creativity by drawing their own patterns in hopscotch, have their pet dogs join in the fun while doing hula hoops, or take turns making, chasing and popping bubbles.
  • Fly a kite with the kids. It will be definitely exciting and physically healthy for them to run and see the kite against the wind.
  • For a more adventurous summer, parents and teachers can take children to the woods for some hiking and trekking.

Indoor Summer Activities for Kids

  • A trip to nearby museums is an excellent indoor activity that is both educational and entertaining. Children are most likely to enjoy the interactive exhibits in most museums nowadays.
  • Children can also be encouraged to engage in indoor summer activities such as gymnastics, table tennis and martial arts. Indoor sports are often incorporated in summer camp programs.
  • Joining library clubs or reading circles is also highly recommended. Apart from being free, it will also develop a love for literature amongst children.
  • Activities for children inside malls is an excellent alternative for children missing a huge chunk of outdoor activities. Play areas are often designated for youngsters, they can simply be left alone while parents or caregivers can wander away for an hour or two.

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