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Teaching Children How to Eat Healthy Food

Teaching Children How to Eat Healthy Food

Children are very picky eaters and it is often hard to convince them to stay away from junk food. Preventing them from munching candy bars is often a challenge for every parent. Some parents tend to tirelessly remind their kids to eat right. While it is effective to some cases, at times this strategy just doesn’t work.

Teaching Children How to Eat Healthy Food

Age Matters

Teaching your kids to eat healthy food will depend on your kid’s age. Older children can be taught about the food pyramid, but younger children like preschoolers do not have a concrete idea of how it really works. Take advantage of the fact that these children are very visual. If they are very picky with food,  catch their eye with a very attractive food plate or fun place mat.

Eating Is Fun

Every meal should be fun for the child or else they will lose their appetite. Besides presenting them a very attractive plate, you also have to make the experience enjoyable. Forcing the child to eat will only make them dreading every meal. This pushes them towards the idea of sweet, enjoyable snacks. Entertain them with a story about the food that they are about to eat. Tell them food facts to stir their interest.

Create a Meal Plan Together

Just because kids cannot fathom the food pyramid doesn’t mean you can’t introduce the recommended daily diet to them. Create a meal plan for your kid involving all different food groups and the required amount for every group. Introduce healthy food for children slowly but creatively.

It’s also a great practice to set an example for them. When you spend time eating healthy food with them, it gives them a sense of approval and encouragement.

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