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Tatay Dindo 1

Sir, Coach, Tatay

Lester Tabada talks about how a talented and passionate teacher taught his students and trained his athletes, and why he deserves to be called the best teacher in the world. Many kids claim that their father is the Best Dad in the World. However in my father’s case I am not really sure if I can give him that title. He spends more time with other kids than us, his children. My father is a very talented man and this is his story. Tatay Dindo, is a public elementary school teacher in our
group hug

The Heart of a Teacher

Charmaine Endaya-Cuartero shares a heartwarming group hug experience in one of her days as a gradeschool teacher in a little, sleepy town of Los Banos, Laguna. Monday morning. Again. Another weekend passed by without some semblance of real happiness. It was rushed. It was plainly driven by a need to rest. I don’t even remember the last time I had a “real” weekend. You know, those Laugh-So-Hard-It-Hurts Days, the No To-Do List Days, the Sleep-All-You-Can Days. They’re all gone now.

Of Threads and Teaching

Geek wrote a story about the memories he had with his first teacher. She may not be a teacher per se, but she has shaped his life beautifully. For that reason alone, he is thankful. I will tell you a story about a very ordinary student and an extra-ordinary teacher. This story happened in a different school, in a different classroom. There is only the student, the teacher and her teaching materials. No blackboards, no chalks but an old colored pencil. Papers, yes. But they are mostly old newspapers.

Rookie Sem

Darwin Moya narrates how he started and finished his rookie sem as a teacher in college.  I used to imagine myself on the first day of classes, speaking in front of students, explaining to them the requirements of the course and what to expect for the semester. I really don't know if I fit the mold. I had a really weak voice, I tend to talk too fast and I'm prone to spaced out moments. But in spite of all those, in me was a real desire to teach. Come November 2010, an opportunity to realize

Teaching Sucks

Karla Singson explains the hardships of a teacher, and how it is always turned around by the natural rewards of teaching. Let me tell you one thing: teaching sucks. But let me tell you how, and of course, how much. Looking back, I couldn’t believe I spent a huge chunk of my life teaching. Of course, not professionally, but it was still, in its very essence, teaching. If your criteria is a visual aid and lectures, then my activities all fit. From 2nd year to 4th year high school, I