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Tips in Teaching Cooking to Kids

Tips in Teaching Cooking to Kids

Cooking is a pastime that parents can share with their children. It gives them an opportunity to bond and at the same time it can be a start for fostering the love for food and passion for cooking. Parents can start teaching cooking to kids as early as three years old. As soon as the child starts becoming responsible and starts to help you with doing your chores, you can start teaching them how to cook.

Tips in Teaching Cooking to Kids

Preschooler in Your Kitchen

Start teaching your kids very simple chores that they can perform in the kitchen while you are cooking. You can show them how to wash fruits and vegetables and have them follow you. Cooking food that requires cutting and using knives during preparation can be put off when they’re older.

Baking Cookies and Other Sweets

Baking is a very good activity that they can do in your kitchen. It is safer for very young children because they do not need to come in contact with sharp objects or anything else that could harm them. Have them help you in putting batter into their containers or making shapes out of cookie cutters. You can also ask them to help you roll things on your baking sheet, but keep them away from your oven or its hot surface.

Cleaning Up Their Mess

If you’re teaching your child how to prepare food and how to cook it, make sure you also teach them about cleaning up. Ask them to help you wash the plates that you used in preparing the food. You can already designate them to clean the area that you have prepared your food in.

Remember that throughout the whole activity, you need to always keep an eye on your child and supervise them. There are many things in the kitchen that could cause them injury. Always observe safety precautions when teaching cooking to kids.

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