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What Is Easter and How It Is Celebrated

What Is Easter and How It Is Celebrated

Easter has always been something that every Christian, especially kids, looks forward to because of the fun activities and family traditions that they get to enjoy. Stories are always a great entertainment when all the kids are gathered around a big room listening to their parents or grandparents who narrate Easter tales. These stories and other traditions are great vehicles to pass on the tradition to their own families when they grow up.

What Is Easter and How It Is Celebrated

Jesus’ Death And Resurrection

Lent is a forty-day period when Christians are encouraged to offer prayers and repent for all their sins. Before coming to a close, the last week of Lent is known as the Holy week where Jesus’ death and resurrection are commemorated. Easter is believed to be the day when Jesus had risen from the dead after being laid to rest for three days. The Bible accounts Jesus was persecuted by the people and was crucified. A crown of thorns was laid on his head and was made to carry his cross to Mount Calvary from Jerusalem.

His death on the cross was a sacrifice for all the people to save them from their sins. This happened on the day before the passover, now known as Good Friday. He was laid to rest in a tomb and three days after that a disciple opened his tomb but he was no longer found. Jesus had risen from the dead to remind believers that there was something to rejoice about.

Why Celebrate During Easter

Each year Easter is celebrated on different dates as long as they fall on Sundays. It is a moveable feast within March to April depending on when the Paschal Full Moon falls. Since it represents the foundation of Christian faith, it always calls for a celebration that is just like Christmas.It is believed to be a symbol of new life, hope and renewed faith. Everyone has been washed from their sins and they are to lead their lives away from the sins that they have committed.

Celebrating Easter, for Christians, is a time for merriment and usually involves being with loved ones. Traditions are very varied throughout the world and from different Christian influences. On the night before Easter, Holy Saturday, the church performs an Easter Vigil, also known as the blessing of the Easter fire and of water. It is during this time that the Paschal candle is being lit. This candle serves as the symbol of the Risen Jesus Christ.

The Easter Bunny And Egg Hunt

Families have their own Easter traditions and activities. One very popular activity is the Easter egg hunt and the anticipation of the Easter bunny who brings basket of colored eggs and candies. The Easter Bunny is believed to visit every home of a child, just like how Santa Claus visits every home each Christmas.

Each household is busy preparing sumptuous meals for the whole family and hard-boiled eggs for the yearly Easter egg hunt. The egg is believed to be a symbol of renewed life even as early as the time of the Egyptians. Pre-Christian civilizations practiced cooking eggs, coloring them and eating them during the spring festival.

This tradition coincides with the celebration of Easter and is perhaps the reason it was adapted by the Christians. Nonetheless, it’s an activity that many children really enjoy from preparation to the actual egg hunting activity. Parents can ask their kids to help in decorating the eggs and painting them. Tradition also calls for candies and different desserts which always delight kids and everyone else with a sweet tooth.

It’s important to always remember in our hearts what Easter is and pass it on to our children.

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