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block by block ideas

Block by Block Ideas

Whether they are flat, cylindrical, rectangular, conical or cubic, wooden blocks are used to form objects. Children enjoy building houses, department stores, hospitals, schools and other buildings. They either spread them out on the floor or construct them on a three-dimensional basis. Wooden blocks don't have hinges that connect them to each other. Kids therefore learn the concept of balance, the value of considering small details and the attitude of patience. You can make one tall building
delta sand

Delta Sand – The Sand for Kids

Delta Sand is soft and non-toxic light gray (almost white) sand that can be easily molded into mountains, castles, tunnels, cake and other objects around us. Originally from Sweden, this sand can be heated, painted and mixed with water and yet, return to its original condition when wetted, washed and dried, respectively. An effective substitute for real sand box in the yard, delta sand activities are good for sensory experience, hand and finger exercises and creativity improvement. Delta sand
lego blocks blog

Blocks for Preschoolers

Coming in different forms, sizes and colors, lego blocks are interlocked to build different objects. Most of the time, teachers need not instruct children on how to form vehicles, animals, natural entities, buildings, robots, etc. because when the blocks are presented to the kids, their imagination and creativity start to take the driver's seat naturally. With this instructional material, children learn how think powerfully and improve their dexterity. As a preschool teacher, you can play

Origami in the Classroom

Origami comes from the Japanese words "oru" which means to fold, and "kami" which means paper. In simpler terms, it means the art of folding paper. An advantage of this form of art is it doesn't need an innate talent like that of painting, drawing, etc. With only neatness in folding and patience in following the manual's or teacher's instructions, you're already a soldier ready to take part in the battle. This isn't something new to us, as Japanese people have popularized this simple yet amazing