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Motivate Your Students with Helpful Quotes

Helpful quotes

We all grew up with the notion that action speaks louder than words. Many people forget that famous revolutionaries in the past and leaders of today got their inspiration from spoken or written words. It is not a surprise that at present, we hang on to their every word and those that hit our nerves become the finest quotes we ourselves repeat over time. They serve as reminders of the things that we can accomplish, of our dreams to accomplish and of beautiful ideas to remember.

Helpful quotes

This is why most educators find it helpful to surround their students with quotes on education and quotes on success in the classroom. How do you choose which quotes to post? First, it all depends on what you are trying to communicate to your students. Do you want them to be more honest or accountable with their actions? Then choose quotes that talk about virtue of telling the truth. Do you want them to read more books? Quote your favorite authors or take quotations from famous literature. It also depends on the kind of subject you teach in the classroom. If you are a Science teacher, it would be good to motivate your students with sayings from Einstein or Marie Curie. Nobel Peace Prize laureates are also a good source of quotations for modern day acts of greatness.

Their written word endures for generations to come. The quotes transcend time and can be applied in all of life’s circumstances. What keeps us reading quotes is the wisdom we get and there is more where they came from. However, we must remember that quotes need not come from famous people. As teachers or educators, your students hang on to your every word and they quote you on a daily basis. There is nothing more motivating than learning and as each spoken word becomes notes, they also turn into knowledge that you will live with for a lifetime.

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