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The Finest Quotes – How They Inspire Us

The Finest Quotes

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. – John Dewey 

The Finest Quotes

If I look back at my thirty years of existence in this world, I would say that I have never stopped educating myself, whether formally – in an institution or informally – learning from my daily experiences. I owe this to the way my parents inculcated in me the wisdom of never-ending learning. In many ways, education has molded me to be the person that I am right now.

It is just disheartening that that there are many people now in the country who have limited or no access at all to education even though it is legislated as a right. It is also just as disheartening to hear people say that they have chosen a certain college program because they have no more choice or because it is less challenging intellectually. These scenarios are real but they can be challenged.

For instance, in our day and age where the internet is a very powerful tool for almost anything, we can certainly use cyberspace to our advantage. Here’s a simple digital revolution that is easy yet prophetic: Why not simply post on your websites or blogs, or on Facebook and Twitter some quotes on education? Who knows, somebody might get inspired by your post and dare to care.

It is amazing how a few words of a passage can actually be enriching and life-changing. Parents or guardians may use some positive quotes as an initial tool to ignite the fire among their children so they become interested in studies. This can be a non-threatening way to let them see the value of education and get them to learn, relearn, or unlearn. Teachers, on the other hand, can whet their appetites by searching for interesting quotes on success and think of ways to impart them in the classroom setting. This could be an interesting yet challenging responsibility on the part of the teacher. An example might be to ask their students to look for quotes on education that interest them and make a reflection based on their chosen passage.

Many people will benefit from the finest quotes. We have to use them if we still hope to create a good future for ourselves and our children’s children. Let’s start this revolution now.

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