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Success Comes to Those Who Stay as Close to the Edge

success comes

I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center. – Kurt Vonnegut

success comes

The sweetness of success, they say, comes to those who do not quit; it knocks on the doorstep of the persistent, and finds its way into the backyard of the goal-driven. Oh, so you’ve heard some of these finest quotes before? Hackneyed, you say?

Here’s something new that you might find worth pondering over. For the great author-satirist Kurt Vonnegut, it does not really matter whether you’re smart, persistent or goal driven. All of the aforementioned count for nothing if you’re rooted on the same spot where you stood seven, five or three years ago. It narrows down to allowing yourself to going as close to the edge. Most popular quotes on success, the conventional types, rarely talk about this though.

Educators are often the primary source of these nuggets of wisdom. After all, a fine man is often initially molded into what he has become now at school, specifically during a child’s formative years. Teachers should be open to ideas that may sound radical, it is through this frame of mind that excellent and profoundly original ideas are born. By remodeling one’s flow of thoughts and philosophy, a teacher can pass on the quotes on education that veer away from the stereotypical, — ideas such as staying as close to the edge to see all kinds of things that one can’t see when rooted in the center.

When taught early in life to push themselves to the edge, children are most likely to be creative, innovative, and most of all, they see things that majority of the flock do not. When a child has these triumvirate of qualities, success is certainly a stone’s throw away .

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