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Basketball for Children – Feel, Handle and Shoot

basketball for preschoolers

Before you buy Nebraska Cornhuskers Men’s Basketball tickets, Oklahoma Sooners Men’s Basketball tickets and Oklahoma State Basketball tickets, why don’t you read some tips on how to incorporate basketball in your preschool activities? It’s impossible to implement all the rules into the classroom but you should not miss the opportunity to let them appreciate the sport.

basketball for preschoolers

Multi-sensorial Approach

Bring an actual ball into the classroom and have a short interactive description about it. Discuss about its shape, colors and size. Let them touch the rubber and describe how it feels. Dribble in front of the class and ask them about the ball’s movement. Compare its characteristics with a plastic or stuffed toy ball and let them enumerate the differences. Even this simple basketball-for-children activity can make them aware of the things around them.

Handling the Ball suggests the following basketball drills:

    • At first, let them toss and catch a small softball at a close distance. If they’re able to manage it successfully, increase the distance and eventually, replace the ball with a plastic or a rubber ball that bounces.
    • Buy a kiddie hoop and backboard for shooting practice. Start at close distance again and gradually raise the hoop and increase the distance according to their capability and interest.

Dribbling Games

Games can serve as springboard for acquiring a new skill. states that you may use them to teach the kids how to dribble. Below is their suggested game description:

  • Mark an X for each child on the floor
    with tape, and give each child a ball. Ask each child to dribble the
    ball one time on their X, then hold the ball. Anyone whose ball bounces
    away is out of the game. The next round, ask them to dribble the ball
    twice on the X. Continue until there is one child left, then start

You may also do stretching and other warm-up exercises before any physical activity to prepare their bodies and to set the mood for basketball drills.


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