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Where Is Santa Claus?

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Like everyone else, you have probably dreamed of meeting Santa Claus, sitting on his lap and playing with his white mustache. When you were a kid, you must have written a letter to him and asked for a remote-controlled toy car or a pretty doll that sleeps when rocked. And because you were nice to everyone, the elves didn’t miss your name in the list.

The proof? The present in the stocking or under the Christmas tree with a Yuletide card that said, “For the most lovable child in the world”.Before opening the gift, some kids would run around the house or look up to the chimney with a where-is-Santa-Claus expression, hoping they can still hear his jovial ho-ho-ho trademark or say hello to  red-nosed Rudolph. This lack of interaction made Apple Kids Play School come up with the idea of bringing Santa to their students’ house

When they implemented the idea on December 23 last year, it was a busy night for the teachers. They escorted the most sought-after man at Christmas to each destination, bringing all the gifts the accomplices elves inexhaustibly and specially purchased wrapped. The students had different reactions when they saw Santa and their present in his bag. Here are some photos taken during that memorable night.

where is santa claus 1Some were tickled by joy.

where is santa claus 2Some didn’t want to let Santa go.

where is santa claus 3Some couldn’t believe Santa visited their house.

where is santa claus 4Some were scared.

where is santa claus 5Some sulked in his presence.

where is santa claus 6Some didn’t want to stay away from their parents.

where is santa claus 7Some kids in the neighborhood asked for a moment, too.

where is santa claus 9All adults requested for a photo with Santa.

But the main purpose of the school wasn’t purely fun. They also took the occasion an opportunity for personality development. They found a way to creatively motivate the students to behave in a better way. Santa didn’t only give away gifts. In every conversation, he showed off his memorization skills by appreciating the students’ great characteristics and discouraging their naughty habits. One student was surprised why Santa knew he was an active boy but a poor sport.

The students soundly slept that night without having to ask their parents, “Where is Santa Claus?”


Apple Kids Play School is a Korean preschool in Mabolo, Cebu City. They follow a play-based thematic curriculum for their regular students and provide authentic learning for young ESL students. For inquiries, you may call (63) (32) 268-7733.