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Safety Signs

Introducing Safety Signs in the Classroom

Introducing safety in the classroom is vital to children’s learning. As early as their age, they need to develop a sense of responsibility for their physical well-being. Since they live in a community, walk along pathways, cross the street and take a bus, they must be aware of visual reminders that keep them away from vehicular accidents and other untoward incidents. Although safety is a serious topic, the concept can be made more interactive, fun and meaningful for children. By showing
basketball for preschoolers

Basketball for Children – Feel, Handle and Shoot

Before you buy Nebraska Cornhuskers Men's Basketball tickets, Oklahoma Sooners Men's Basketball tickets and Oklahoma State Basketball tickets, why don't you read some tips on how to incorporate basketball in your preschool activities? It's impossible to implement all the rules into the classroom but you should not miss the opportunity to let them appreciate the sport. Multi-sensorial Approach Bring an actual ball into the classroom and have a short interactive description about it. Discuss
where is santa claus 7

Where Is Santa Claus?

Like everyone else, you have probably dreamed of meeting Santa Claus, sitting on his lap and playing with his white mustache. When you were a kid, you must have written a letter to him and asked for a remote-controlled toy car or a pretty doll that sleeps when rocked. And because you were nice to everyone, the elves didn't miss your name in the list. The proof? The present in the stocking or under the Christmas tree with a Yuletide card that said, "For the most lovable child in the world".Before
football for preschoolers

Football for Preschoolers

Football, according to various sports' polls, remains to be the most popular sport in America. No wonder why people queue up at ticket centers for Bears tickets, flock to stadiums or glue their eyes on TV when there's a live coverage of a football game.This popularity makes the idea of bringing football into the preschool classroom a very interesting one. Children get excited as they mimic strong players kicking or passing the ball or the spectators rooting for the home team. They also get to improve