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The Prodding Child went to the heart of Agusan marsh last weekend

The Agusan marsh wildlife sanctuary is a beautiful place for birding, enjoying serenity with nature and if you are not scared, you can rent a boat and try to find big crocodiles. Last weekend we went to the floating village at Sitio Panlabuhan and here are a couple of encounters that stroked The Prodding Child’s curiosity.

1the prodding child and the crocodille seekerare you waiting for the crocs so you can capture them with your camera?

1theprodding child and the diver at agusan marsh sitio panlabuhan philippinesare you really willing to dive beneath those water hyacinths?

1theprodding child at agusan marsh2will you say hi to the crocs for me when you see them down there?

1theproddingchild and the little travel teller 2are playing a song for the birds?

1theproddingchild and the student of life 2are you writing down the lessons you have learned from mother nature?

Sitio Panlabuhan floating village is part of the municipality of Loreto in the Province of Agusan del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines.

1 loreto to sitio panlabuhan

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