the prodding child and the blue turtles

The Prodding Child’s new underwater experience

One day, the child went for a swim at the beach and found many turtles swimming in one direction, he got curious so he befriended one and asked:

the prodding child and the blue turtles

Where are all of you blue turtles going to?

And his new friend Greg the Blue turtle said, we are going to the mystical reef. With this information, the child became more curious and asked Greg if he could come, and Greg’s answer was “Yes!” But first Greg has to give him a little magic, a bubble kiss so that The Prodding Child could survive under water. The child was happy and asked many different questions while ridding on Greg’s shell.

When the Blue Turtles and The Prodding Child got to the mystical reef, the child thanked Greg, said goodbye and left the turtles to their own business. He swam around and explored the reef on his own. After sometime he noticed that his legs had turned into a small fish tail. He was happy because now he can swim faster and can now explore some more!

As he swam around, the child met a beautiful fish, he talked with the fish for a while and found out that the fish was the guardian of the mystical reef. The child asked the guardian fish:

the prodding child and the guardian of the mystical reef

How long have you been the guardian of the mystical reef?

And the guardian fish answered “Long before man came to this world”. After their talk, the guardian fish blew more bubble kisses to The Prodding Child and made his fish tail bigger and  gave the child a personal tour where they saw different colourful corals and fishes of different shapes and sizes.

After a few hours of enjoying the sights in the mystical reef and playing with some of the fishes, the time had come for the child to go home. He asked the guardian how he can get his legs back. The guardian fish said “go and swim with the sea giant, his name is Jeremy, he will give you the bubble kisses  that will turn your fish tail back to human legs”. And with that information, The Prodding Child thanked the guardian fish, said goodbye, and went to swim with Jeremy.

Jeremy must be the biggest sea creature the child has ever seen. But Jeremy is not scary, he is a gentle giant with three sets of pectoral fins, and he swam slowly and guided The Prodding Child home. When they got to the beach, it was now time for the child to inhale the bubble kisses and become human again. But before that, he asked Jeremy, who by that time, had become a close friend:

the prodding child and the sea giant

What do you think about my fishlegs? (referring to child’s fish tail which by now had grown big and beautiful, it looked amazing swaying with the water)

Jeremy said, it is beautiful and you will have it again next time you come to visit us at the mystical reef. The Prodding Child said “Thank you Jeremy i will certainly visit you again soon”. He inhaled the bubble kisses and slowly his fish tail turned into legs. The child walked to the beach and waved goodbye to his new friend and shouted “Until next time Jeremy!”